Friday, December 9, 2011

Nails Magazine Top 7 gifts! (guess whose on the list?)

It had to share because I am so flippin excited!

OMG! Nails Magazine just came out with their top 7 gift ideas for nail techs and co-workers and guess whose jewelry is #1 on the list???? MINE!  So honored and excited!

*dances around*

"Nail polish jewelry from GingerKittyDesigns. I have a polish bottle-shaped necklace from her that I tend to wear to beauty shows, and at the International Beauty Expo in Long Beach, I saw Nail Files reality TV star Katie Cazorla wearing a GingerKitty bracelet that was actually created using Cazorla’s own The Painted Nail by Nubar polish line. (It’s real polish encased inside the jewelry.)"


  1. I'm sooo happy for you, darlin'!!! You deserve this because your work is any nail polish lovers dream. And it is a grand gift for someone that has 'everything.'

  2. YEAH!!!! Congrats to my favorite polish jewelry maker :) I can't wait to come and shop again!! xoxo