Friday, August 5, 2011

OMG...Katie from the Painted Nail loves my nail polish jewelry!

While I was sitting at home reading everything I could about CosmoProf and tweeting with a few of the bloggers that were there experiencing it all (while being jealous and kicking myself for not going!)...I saw a tweet from Melissa @dailynail that she had just met Katie from @thepaintednail.  I responded that I loved Katie's show "The Nail Files" and her nail polishes looked fabulous and then the most amazing thing happened to me!

I started to receive some really fun tweets from Krystal at @Polish_Galore.   She was telling me that Katie Cazorla from the Painted Nail loved my jewelry.  They all all had dinner with Katie later that night and look what they sent me:

Yes...that is Katie (from the Nail Files) holding a keychain I made for Jen from @thepolishaholic.  Isn't Katie a knockout?   (I am already planning some amazing designs using The Painted Nail polish (Katie's own line of nail polish) that I am buying this week.)

The next day Katie was wonderful enough to this tweet and I almost feel off my chair!  Made my whole day (thank you Katie!)

A HUGE thank you goes out to Krystal from, Jen from and Melissa from and of course the amazing Katie Cazorla from