Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas...Happy Holidays


  1. hey there, happy new year!
    Your jewelerys are so amazing, i guess there's a hard work in every piece of them.
    I'd have a question if you don't mind: what are the rocks you paint called?
    I mean, I'd love to buy your neckalces, but it's kinda impossible for me, because of the distance, and the money, but still, I'd love to buy some of those rock for myself,and try to paint them,seems so easy and stunning!
    But I tried in my local store, and they don't have it, and I have no idea how to search for it on the internet..I tried: clear rocks, or clear cabochon, but in my country there are no matching, or if it is, it's too tiny.
    So, is there any other name,or a specific name to that rocks, no matter the shape?
    Ugh, hope it's understandable, have nice holidays!