Friday, December 9, 2011

Nails Magazine Top 7 gifts! (guess whose on the list?)

It had to share because I am so flippin excited!

OMG! Nails Magazine just came out with their top 7 gift ideas for nail techs and co-workers and guess whose jewelry is #1 on the list???? MINE!  So honored and excited!

*dances around*

"Nail polish jewelry from GingerKittyDesigns. I have a polish bottle-shaped necklace from her that I tend to wear to beauty shows, and at the International Beauty Expo in Long Beach, I saw Nail Files reality TV star Katie Cazorla wearing a GingerKitty bracelet that was actually created using Cazorla’s own The Painted Nail by Nubar polish line. (It’s real polish encased inside the jewelry.)"