Monday, July 29, 2013

Vote for my friends....pretty please.

My wonderful friends are trying to win the contest to go see the MUSE.  They are now in position #28.  I hoping by posting this that my lovely customers and nail peeps will take a minute and help vote for them.  Thank so much!!!!

Just click the link below to vote for them.

Vote for Dawne and Cassie!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

After an incredibly long year....I am back and my store is re-opened!!!  WooHoo.  Looking forward to making some beautiful pieces.

My Family update:

(1) My husband motorcycle accident injuries have healed...he had a plate and seven screws put in his leg and he has recovered and doing well.  He walks with a slight limp...but he is alive and that is all that matters.

(2) My brother healed from his heart attack, went through cardiac rehab and found out the cause of his sudden heart attack was that genetically he has a very low HDL (good cholesterol).  I have found out that I suffer from this as well.  We have both made a lot of changes in our lives to keep us as healthy as possible.

(3) My son Ryan (12) broke his finger earlier in the year and then fractured his L5 disc in his spine (he is a catcher and gets bumped a lot).  He has recovered well and was invited to play baseball for a week this August in Cooperstown at the Field of Dreams.  He will be inducted into the Youth Hall of Fame cool is that??  SO proud of him!!

(4)  My mother recently had kidney stone surgery and is on the mend.  She is a trooper and after having breast cancer (almost 5 years since her cancer removal!!) nothing can stop her.  She is my inspiration :)

(5) While I was running around taking care of everyone, I started noticing a lot of strange things happening to me and I kept blowing off the symptoms thinking it was the start of  "pre-menopause".  Unfortunately it was not that.  I went to the doctor for a sore throat and came out with Type 2 diabetes, a mass in my thyroid (and it was not working properly) and generically low HDL.  Wow...really? 

So what did I do...I got healthy!  I have lost 32 pounds, changed the way I eat, started exercising, had the majority of my thyroid removed and take a ridiculous amount of medicine daily.  I feel better than I have in years and spend more time with my boys.  I have realized over the last year that family is everything, because you never know when your life is going to take a strange turn.....

Anyway...I am back to making jewelry.  Thank you to everyone that have sent emails and messages with kind and supportive words during this trying time in my life.  They have meant the word to me.  I am slowing dipping my feet back into making jewelry again and am looking forward to it.

I have a few new products that I will be debuting soon. One is an oval glass bracelet with a chain bracelet (which comes in silver or antique brass). Second is a necklace that has two or three gradient size pieces hung together (think past, present and future type necklace) and lastly is a charm that can hang from any charm bracelet that you may already own, it clips onto an existing bracelet. I am also working on getting some new findings and products in. 

Looking forward to catching up with all that I missed out on and making some exciting and fun jewelry!!