Saturday, February 26, 2011

SayAnythingBrooke YouTubeReview! OMG! Love her!

OMG!  If you ever have wondered what my jewelry looks like in "person"?  Well here is fabulous YouTube review by the amazing SayAnythingBr00ke.  She does amazing makeup reviews, nail tutorials and reviews.  Would love to have you review the video and know what you think - feel free to post comments on the video as well! 


  1. I think all this video did was make my husband fear for his wallet. My problem is trying to decide what polishes I'd want lol! Beautiful pieces and great thorough review!

  2. Thank you ladies! The review was better than I could have hoped for :0) Brooke is amazing!

  3. Awesome review, great views of the product, just too long lol.
    My blog fans would go NUTS for your stuff by the way. I'd love to feature you, do a review, giveaway, whatever!! Even offer a discount code, anything!