Saturday, February 12, 2011


I have been getting alot of requests for keychains lately and I wanted to ask your opinions on my keychain prototype....what do you think?

**keep in mind this is just a prototype. The "jumpring" that would attach the keychain to the piece would be bigger and stronger...I just do not have any handy for the photo.


  1. I tagged you :)

  2. oh my it! I should just sign you over my paycheck with all this new stuff your thinking up! It's wonderful!

  3. I don't wear any jewelery except for my wedding ring. Now THIS is would buy! Where do I sign up? :-)

  4. I am so glad that everyone seems to like the idea, I am going to go ahead and get all the attachments and jumprings next week...then they will be available :0)

    I do not want to list them in my store until I have everything I need. I will post when they are listed in my store.

  5. Love this idea and am grateful you are interested in doing it. I just don't wear a lot of jewelry as it is uncomfortable to me and I would love some of your beautiful creations so this is a great alternative. I was thinking about being able to hang one on my rearview mirror too. :)

  6. So I will add the keychains into my store tomorrow :0)

    I will be adding this disclaimer to the items though:

    disclaimer: ***this item was not intended to be used as a keychain, it is a necklace finding. This item is not meant to take the abuse that a keychain takes in our purses and therefore I can not guarantee that it won't scratch or become dislodged from being throw around with a set of keys attached.***