Friday, November 19, 2010

Pneumonia is no joke ladies.....

Pneumonia is no joke ladies..... I have had Pneumonia before but never like this! I have done nothing but lay in bed and sleep for an entire week. I was diagnosed with pneumonia in both my lungs last week and ever since then it has a roller coaster of finding the right antibiotics to get me better.

I have been to the urgent care center twice for xrays, tests and breathing treatments (my oxygen level was only at 87 %!).

The moral of this my story is....if you are sick - take time off right away. Do not let it get worse and worse before you rest. Go directly to bed!!! If I had taken the time to rest when I first got sick, my pneumonia would never have gotten so bad and I would not have almost ended up in the hospital.

My doctor says I need to stay away from breathing chemicals for at least a few more days and hubby is going to get me a mask so the vapors won;t bother me. Then I will be ready to make more jewelry!

Thanks for all the sweet notes and emails....I really appreciate them!

Hugs to all.......

PS) I have gotten a bunch of new polishes in the mail to add to my list soon:

Show It and Glow It
Mistletoe Kisses
Scrangie !
Bad Romance
Across the Universe

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  1. Eep! I have to get a pneumonia shot every 5 years because of the medication I'm on. Get better!