Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No orders can be filled this week.........

Sadly, my Uncle Neal passed away this morning at the early age of 65. He had just retired and had many joyful plans to spend time with his children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer less than two months ago.

I will be leaving Thursday morning to travel out of town for the wake and funeral, we will be gone through Saturday (I think).

Due to my leaving town, I can not designs any new orders until next week. I need time with my family and time to grieve.

Thank you for understanding and please tell your loved ones you love them! Life is just too short and you never know what can happen.


  1. *hugs* so sorry for your loss, tracey =(

  2. Brooke, thank you so much. It has been heartbreaking. He was an amazing uncle and is responsible for so many firsts in my life: my first ride on a snowmobile, first motorcycle ride, first "venison" meatball, first pig roast... and the list goes on. ((hugs))

  3. Aw sorry for your loss :( (hugs). Take all the time you need.

  4. So sorry to hear that :( Take care and treasure the good times with him.. :)

  5. So many dying so young. I am sorry to learn of your loss. Sending you a hug thru the interweb.