Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I designed my own nail polish bottle!

New Nail Polish Bottle Design :0)

I have been looking for years for something like this and there is nothing on the market. I happened to work for a manufacturing company (my day job) so I was able to finally just designed my own nail polish bottle! (Keep in mind that this is raw metal and has not been plated yet)

New Plating Finish - left one

It measures 1 1/2 inches high and 1 inch wide and can be used as a necklace, purse charm, keychain or large earrings. I placed it next to a quarter so you can have some size reference .

The plan is to fill the "well" up with whatever nail polish my customers would like. I asked on Twitter @gingerkittyd and most people responded that they would like to see these plated in silver or antiqued silver. So I will have them plated in both silver and antiqued silver and maybe throw a few gold ones in there as well.
I am not sure when this will be available in my Etsy store...but I will keep you updated.

What do you think? Is it something you would like? All opinions wanted, even if you hate it.


  1. *swoons* I absolutely LOVE that!! Honestly, I think it's so adorable! I love the lines, I love the way it flows, I love the whole thing. Great job!!

    Also, I think silver would work best, because it won't really affect the color of the polish inside of it the way gold will. For opaques it's not an issue, but I think it would be for sheers and glitters and things?

  2. Thank you so much :) I worked hard to make sure it did not look like any bottle out there but yet looked like a quality piece.

    I sat down with my plater and we came up with a great idea. A hand satin pewter antiqued finish, I think it will be amazing!

    Yes, sheers would be a problem unless they turn opaque after several layers. Glitters would work really well, just like the older style pendants I have made.

  3. LOVE IT!

    They are seriously cool! It's like having your fave bottle of polish with you at all times!

    I agree with silver = better also.

  4. Hi Anna!! That is exactly what I was thinking when I designed them. I love the other pendants I have done but I wanted one that showed off our love for nail polish :0)