Friday, October 8, 2010

Busy working on my nail polish bottles....

Here is a picture of what I have been busy doing this afternoon - filling my nail polish bottles!

I asked on Twitter if anyone would like a specific color but I did not get much of a response, so I started making the colors I thought would look best.  Nfuoh flakies, Meteor Shower, Ruby Pumps, Frosty Meadows and Lunar Eclipse.  I am still looking for colors suggestions :0)

I am trying to get them ready to list in my store on Monday.....although I have already sold some in private sales.

Adding picture for Brooke....Hidden Treasures...great idea - thanks!

Adding for jbrobeck .....


  1. ohhh maybe the sally hansen hidden treasure! flakies make me squeeeeeeeeee

  2. Hi sweetie!
    I really really like these, but its almost like all the flakes overrun the bottle, cause its so small? does that even make sense?

    What about a deep, navy blue? Or deep dark green? OPI Glacier Bay Blue, Nars Zulu/Midnight Express, DS Fantasy, MAC Blue India, Zoya Kelly, OPI Russian Navy, OPI Ink, WnW Nocturnal, ChG Bermuda Breakaway/SH Thinking of Blue (dupes), ChG Calypso Blue, ChG For Audrey (or Orly Gumdrop) Clarins 209 (love!) Ulta Moody Blues, OPI jade is the new black...

    i ran out of time! love ya

  3. Great ideas! These pieces are not finished yet, just taking pics throughout the process.

    I will be doing more of them in some of the colors you suggested, or people can ask for specific colors :)

    Love the colors you suggested


  4. Oh gosh I love the first 2! Can you put them up against a coin for size comparison? I think it would look great as a keychain charm!

  5. Those are both Nfu-oh polishes!

    Look down a few posts and there is a picture of the bottles next to a quarter :0)

    I will be offering them as pendants and keychains and after the holidays I will work on listing them as charm bracelets and earrings.

  6. Here you go jbrobeck, I add some from your list :0)