Monday, December 13, 2010

What camera do you use????

Hello there ladies and gents... I am on a quest for a new camera as mine has crapped out on me (formally a Canon PowerShot). I am looking for one with a great macro setting for pictures of my jewelry - to be used with the new light tent I am getting for Christmas.

What camera do you use? Looking for any suggestions.



  1. I use a Canon Powershot SX200IS. It does great macro and super macro. It's compact but still pretty large. Has a very large lense and an awesome zoom. It also has setting to adjust to what type of light your using. It's the third powershot I've owned and by far the best one so far.

  2. Thanks Allison! That camera is now on my list to check out. The one that died was a PowerShot A95 and I loved it, although it was really heavy.

  3. If you haven't bought one yet, definitely look into the Canon Powershot. It takes awesome macro shots!

  4. Thanks Shan! I ended up getting the Canon Powershot SX30IS. It is an amazing camera :0) As you can see from my new picture takes great jewelry pictures (which is what I really need it for the most)